“I would like to get a work visa of New Zealand but how can I find a job? “
“I haven’t been able to make an appointment for a job interview!”
“I may not be able to afford the school tuition fees for my children if they are handled as international students!”
“I was told that I need to start a new career ・・・・”

Don’t you have issues like these written above? 
There are many people who have been employed in New Zealand(NZ) with our employment assistance services. We have received such feedback as shown below.

  • I am very grateful to employment assistance which helped me all the way.
  • They assisted us very flexibly and they listened to our opinions and issues attentively.
  • I just couldn’t believe it when I made it successfully.
  • Getting appointments for job interviews went much more smoothly than I expected.
  • It was a hard work to find employment in NZ as I was still working in Japan. But thanks to Jiro’s consultations, I was able to make a plan smoothly.
  • They make fine adjustment. I think that this is the fastest way to get a result.
  • Without having the assistance I would have been nowhere.
  • It was a huge support which may change the life of our children.
  • I have received various kinds of support such as support through email exchanges with targeted NZ companies, all sorts of support when I was in NZ for job interviews and many other kind of support. I owe them a lot.






Our employment support is suitable for people who have been thinking,


“I like to get an employment without going to a vocational school or a polytechnic.” “I don’t think that I can find employment all by myself.” “I like to avoid paying school tuition fees for my children.” “I like to get job offers during my stay in NZ for about two weeks.”     Our support service details


1.  Support in producing various documents needed in job hunting.

 Reference letter and certificate of employment: We will provide samples for these documents which you can use as a base to produce your own documents. Or, we produce these documents for you.  


  • Reference lettershutterstock_45563890
  • Cover Letter
  • Certificate Employment
  • Resume
  • Certificate Education





Cover-letter and follow-up-letter

These letters are very import in job hunting. We will write a cover-letter and a follow-up-letter on your behalf. Off-shore candidates have a higher chance to get a job offer by using the differentiation method. We have developed the method to suit you. We write letters which make targeted employers feel that they would like to meet you and they would like to employ you.  


We will make a video to promote you for your job hunting.

youtube2 youtube4 youtube5



We will make your website which you can use for your job hunting. Together with your follow-up-letter, the website will become one of your important tools to make you appear attractive to your targeted employers. The website will help you greatly in getting a job offer.

web1 web4 web2 web3


List of companies 

We will make a list of companies which are suitable for you to approach. Though it depends on the type of occupation but generally you must apply for more than 1000 companies. We will make the list for you. ※Please note that we do not provide assistance services for job applications through a career page in a company’s website

Email exchanges with targeted companies 

We will send emails to targeted companies on your behalf.mail It is daunting to send emails to each company but we will send emails to over 1,000 companies. 


10 to 20 job interviews

  • We will get 10 to 20 appointments for job interviews for you and we will do email exchanges with each company on your behalf.
  • Also we provide necessary support for you.
  • By this stage we have already made a situation where the employer feels like meeting you.


Companies run by New Zealanders 

Considering advantages in a work visa application, we aim to select companies run by New Zealanders. shutterstock_96062495


During the period when you are in NZ for job interviews, we will support you by phone, email and skype Some examples are shown as below.


  • What are your strong points to impress employers?
  • How you can push the employer to make his decision in your favor.
  • How to write a thank you email after an interview.
  • What to write to an employer who seems to be positive in employing you.
  • How to negotiate on salary.
  • What to answer when you are asked about your NZ work visa.
  • What are the decision criteria to choose one job offer when you have received multiple offers?

Communication on Skype

We will arrange regular skype communication with you on a once a week basis.  In the communication we will focus on the following subjects:

  • Making a strategic concept to appeal to employers.
  • Selecting the best job title for you. We will get an opinion of a visa adviser in the selection as selecting a right job title is important for work visa application.
  • Explaining about required documents and how to prepare for the documents. We will assist you in producing the documents.
  • Making a follow-up letter.
※The regular skype communication will finish when the above mentioned subjects have been satisfied and completed.  

Support period

shutterstock_102258430 Support period finishes when a series of job hunting activities have been completed. ※It finishes when you choose a job offer. ※It is maximum for two years. ※If you do not get a job offer after exhausting a series of job hunting activities and you wish to do another series of job hunting activities, you can apply for it for half price of the first payment. The details of support services are the same as those described before. ※Translation fees for documents, assessment fees for your qualifications and CV are not included in our assistance service fees. ※Please be aware that services we provide varies from person to person. It differs depending on types of skills, documents you can provide and other circumstances.



We will arrange appointment dates for job interviews in the period when you can travel to NZ. Please apply for our support services early enough as we need 3-6 months for preparation. The earlier you apply, the longer we can have for the preparation.

Advance fee       NZ$2,960 (Include Tax)
conditional fee  NZ$3,250  (Include Tax)

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The list of job titles for which we got job offers

IT engineer, Joiner, Car Mechanic, Panel Beater, CNC operator, Surveyor, Farmer, Electrician, Electrical Engineer, Gardener, Plumber, Welder, Chef, Importer/ Exporter, Stonemason, Crane operator, Counselor

    Frequent questions


Q. Do I have to pay any additional fees?
A. Additional fees are translation fees for relevant documents, qualification assessment fees to pay to NZ Qualification Authority and support fees for your work visa application .

Q. Does your support finishes when I get job offers?
A. The support service finishes when the second payment is paid within one month after you received and selected a job offer but we accept your questions until you start working.

Q. Can I get refund of support service fees when I need to terminate my job hunting activities with unavoidable reasons?
A. We do not make refunds. Please note this in advance. We also do not make refunds of your first payment for our support service fees when it happened that you cannot travel to NZ for unavoidable reasons.

Q. Do you set up a series of job hunting activities multiple times with one payment of the first support service fees?
A. If you want to have another series of job hunting activities, we provide support services for half price of the first support service fees.

Q. When do I have to pay the second payment?
A. It is payable within a month after you received and selected a job offer.